The Giraffe LadderThe Giraffe Ladder

The Giraffe Ladder®

When it comes to design innovation the new Giraffe Ladder® is on top of the pile. It’s safe, it's light and very easy to carry and store, making the Giraffe Ladder® an ideal addition to everybody's tool kit. If you want to reach a higher standard of service the Giraffe Ladder® gives you a better choice.

The Giraffe Ladder® has been approved under the Australian Standards AS/NZS 1892-1:1996 with a duty rating for industrial and domestic applications and a load rating of 120kg.

The Giraffe Ladder ® has been manufactured to a durable hardwearing standard in Aluminium and retracts to less than 1/3rd its extended length. This means it can be easily carried under one arm and can be stored away in a cupboard, car boot, utility or almost anywhere without the need for racks and special storage facilities.

The Giraffe Ladder® is considered to be the most convenient and versatile concept on the market and is economically priced to be within the reach of most householders and businesses.

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The Giraffe Ladder® is a registered trademark and imported under licence by Action Hardware Pty Ltd.